I GIVE THE GIFT THAT KEEPS GIVING: Week 50 Day 3 of the 2015 Meditation Challenge

christmas (2)


During the holiday season, we commend the gift that keeps giving.  Deep in our hearts, we look for it.  We want to give it – not just to our lovers, or our parents, or our friends, but to everyone that we meet.  Realtors profit from this deep desire – no matter where we shop, no matter how much we spend – from the smallest token to a private island – because our love can never be wrapped in a bow or limited to a box.  Our love is the gift that keeps giving.  It is what Peter speaks about when he reminds us to offer hospitality to one another without grumbling because he knows that what we give is loving success, a gift that will return to bless us beyond our comprehension because it becomes part of the air that we breathe and the space that we take up – to claim us as our good at every opportunity.  I remember Bob Marley’s death as though it was yesterday but he continues to bless our every breath, singing “One love, one heart – let’s get together and feel alright!”  We are the true justice – the loving success that Zechariah said to administer.  When we love, we unleash the kingdom of love within and allow it to flow into every crack and crevice of the universe, into every light and stream, into every breath, and every star, and every galaxy – and keep giving, and giving, and giving.

Say throughout this meditation to yourself and know throughout the day, “I am the gift that keeps giving.”

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