40 DAYS OF CENTERING: Day 4 – I Reach the Awareness of God

“The first step
is reaching
the awareness
of the presence
of God.”
Joel Goldsmith,
Now is a perfect time to repeat
our 40-Day Meditation Challenge.

(For those who are doing the year-long challenge,
this is Week 38 Day 7 of the 2015 Meditation Challenge.)

This is from the first challenge that we did in 2012.
If you haven’t been meditating,
join us in this important discipline over the next 37 days.

By the end of the challenge,
you should be meditating every day.

To access the Meditation for Day One, Click Below on the arrow
by click on the blue link at the bottom of your email, which takes you to the WordPress site.

I am grateful.
I am filled with the greatness of God.
I am grateful because I know
that my good is manifesting,
so I don’t have to wait to give thanks.

I am grateful.  I am great-filled because even before I formulate a desire,
it is already taking place.
My gratitude creates a causative energy
that attracts what to me what I need.
125I am grateful.
I am great-filled because I know exactly who I am.
I am made in the image and likeness of God.
I have dominion over my life.
The universe does not need me to sacrifice or beg or cajole.
It is just waiting to go before me so that the answer,
the resources, the wisdom that I need is already revealing itself.

I am grateful.
I am filled with the greatness of God.


music vitamin strings tribute to kirk franklinMUSIC: “NOW BEHOLD THE LAMB” from
The String Quartet Tribute to Kirk Franklin,
by The Vitamin Strings Quartet.
Available on i-Tunes.
music vitamin strings

Vitamin Strings is an awesome group that does
amazing tributes to our favorites.
music 1The music also includes music from albums
called Meditation Music, which
can be purchased on i-Tunes.
music eternal omFinally, Robert Slap’s ETERNAL OM
is one of our meditation favorites,
which can be purchased from

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exists to build a community of like minds dedicated to self-transformation
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At the heart of its teachings is the principle that the Kingdom of God
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