I REAP THE BENEFIT OF ALL LABOR: Week 36 Day 3 of the 2015 Meditation Challenge

“I center in the fullness
of God working in me.
In each meditation,
I know that
God does the work
that I am appointed to do.”

laborThe amazing aspect of grace is love.  We call it grace because it places no blame; it forgives all; it doesn’t worry about what we did or didn’t do; its casts away our burdens; it releases our sins; it lifts us above the law of cause and effect – what we call karma.  Love bestows upon us the unblemished gift, allows us to reap the good that we have not sown.  As Jesus says, others have done the hard work, but beloved YOU may reap the benefit of their labor.  Here is what loving success will do: love will pierce the spiritual ethers, ply the universe of opportunity, and provide you with the inexhaustible supply of amazing gifts.  Isn’t that what happened to Joseph?  He moved from being a slave to a rich man – over all of the resources in Egypt.  It didn’t what anyone else thought or did to him because he was the loving energy of success.  He said (Genesis 50:20) — you might mean evil but love is just using you to bring about my good.  There are unlimited channels pouring your success from every spigot in the universe.

Say throughout this meditation to yourself and know throughout the day, “Love will astonish me with amazing gifts.”

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