WE LOVE YOU: Week 21 Day 2 of the 2015 Meditation Challenge

Marlon and Cecilia at NYTS Graduation, Riverside Church 20

Congratulations Marlon on your Master of Divinity from New York Theological Seminary.
I look forward to adding some of your jazz meditations.
In the interim, I find this meditation so powerful that it is worth repeating, as every time I meditate with it, I experience something different in the Spirit.

NYTS Master of Divinity Class of 2015 – Marlon Cromwell

In this love is my silence that is as light as the touch of an angel’s wings and the swing of a gentle breeze that cannot hear itself
falling between someone’s exhale, and inhale, and wonder between then, and now, and just being.

Rev. Dr. Peter Paris delivering the commencement speech at Riverside Church for New York Theological Seminary graduation.
This love is more than expectation, it is the vibrancy of beginning of all, when we were even smaller seeds
and skin first formed over temples and tents of being,
and our words were only concerned in naming a thing, and making it so.

Rev. Dr. Dale Irvin, President of NYTS and Rev. Dr. Cecilia Loving, Trustee, get to hand out diplomas: my favorite part!
We knew then the things that we must remember now — that love will never leave us or forsake us
because we are as it is.
God is in us the same as God is in grace.

Rev. Dr. Jill Schaeffer at NYTS 2015 Commencement
In this love, we have evolved and in the consciousness of moving forward, we are there — long before we have gone forward.
Here is what we will find inside of every need: deliverance.  There is where we will know truth: heaven.
In heaven, we breathe in the amazing celebration of being what we always are: a divine expression of the creator
constantly creating as us.


In this love, I am not afraid to be who I AM.
In this love, I love everyone completely because my love cannot condemn, nor blame, nor worry, nor lose.
Everything moment is a jackpot of Spirit, guiding us from one miracle to the next.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. truthunity says:

    Congratulations, Marlon!

  2. It was a great day for me, emotional and spirit filled. The culmination of four years and a few months of work, dedication and getting down to writing paper after paper. The process was great in respect to the amount I have learned and the classmates whom I truly hoped to continue to keep in touch with and of course the professors. Thank you my wife for standing by me through it all.

  3. cbloving says:

    Thanks much Mark. We appreciate all that you do on http://www.truthunity.net. Your powerful ministry has provided us with an amazing amount of resources for work and church.

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