GOD’S WHOLENESS SHINES AS ME: Week 46 Day 4 of the 2014 Meditation Challenge

wholeness 15Love’s light enters my body and heals my soul.  Love’s light lifts my mind and embraces my heart.  Love’s light strengthens my spirit and erases my fear.  Love’s light blesses each organ, each cell, each particle, each limb, each bone, each, muscle, each vein, each ounce, each follicle, each gland of the temple that I call me – and reminds it that is whole, it is complete, it is radiant, it is strong, it is as it was in the beginning: powerful, sacred and divine. Love’s light centers my mind in the truth that every aspect of my body supports the journey of my soul, the power of my connection, the wisdom of the universe expressing as me.

Love’s light forgives me from the destiny of my feet, through the legs of my consciousness, through the knees of my magnificence, through the thighs of my victory, through the creativity of my reproductive center, through the belly of my intuition, through the heart of my absolute good, through the throat of my genius, through the eyes of my vision, through the crown of the I AM that I AM.
Love’s light eases all pain, delivers me from all despair, resolves all worries, fulfills all dreams, reaches all goals, surrenders all longings with a brilliance that never leaves me.
Love’s light clears my consciousness with freedom to be who I am, to do what I have been called to do, to leave the appearances that once held me in the shackles of doubt.

Love’s light shows me the truth – that in the moment that God said let there be, I was born – whole as the eternal kingdom that shines through me, and all that I am as God’s image was already whole, already triumphant as God’s likeness.

Love’s light shows my soul the radiance of now breathing through every pore of my being, refreshing every opportunity that I meet, giving me the grace to win no matter where I am, or what I seem, or how I was.

Love’s light enters my body and heals my soul.
Love’s light lifts my mind and embraces my heart.
Love’s light strengthens my spirit and erases my fear and soothes each mistake I once made with pure potential, and aligns each step I took with infinite success, and makes me realize
each prayer that I once had is already answered.

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