IN LOVE, I AM THAT I AM: Week 8 Day 7 of the 2014 Meditation Challenge


Love heals my body.  Love heals my soul.  Love heals my mind.  Love heals every aspect of my being.  In love, I am ageless.  In love, I am a conqueror of all things.  In love, I AM THAT I AM.

Love fills my body, blessing every aspect of my being.  As I close my eyes, as I sit comfortably, as I go within, I see the extraordinary power of love filling all of my inner parts, making them realize that they are whole in all that love is, shining on them with the healing energy of the ages, fulfilling them with the prophecies of the ancients, igniting them with the glory of a new day.

Love scratches every itch.  Love cures every dis-ease.  Love closes every wound.  Love transforms every sore.  Love strengthens every weakness.  Love opens every closing.  Love eases every pain.  Love diminishes every bit of doubt.  Love lifts every shadow.  Love penetrates every sickness.  Love embraces us with new health, new vigor, new glory.  Love is my warrior wherever sadness seeps in.  Love is my victory.  Love sees the whole picture of my destiny.  Where I thought I was faltering, it was love seeing me through.

Each day, I will rise up in a new understanding of love as my birthright, my weapon, and my gift – knowing that Love heals my body.  Love heals my soul.  Love heals my mind.  Love heals every aspect of my being.  In love, I am ageless.  In love, I am a conqueror of all things.  In love, I AM THAT I AM.


MEDITATION MUSIC by Meditation Music: Calming, Cordillera Breeze

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