I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE: Week 7 Day 7 of the 2014 Meditation Challenge

love f

How many times do we take the time to look at ourselves and say I love you.  I love you.  I love you.  I love you despite all your imperfections and your foolishness and your ego and your pride and your shame and your weaknesses and your doubt.  I love your fat and your skinny, your light and your dark, your rich and your poor, your touch and your go, your tit and your tat, your small and your big, your amazing and your ordinary.  I love you because you are.  I love you because of your being.  I love you because you are a gift of amazing proportions.  I love you in the depths of your despair and the wings of your ascension.  I love you inside the box where you hide and lift you up into a new light.  I love you more than you could ever imagine, and more.  And in my love, I will hold you, I will protect you, I will honor you, I will give you whatever you want, I will make your wishes come true.  And if there is a miracle that you are too ashamed to ask for, I will find it and give it to you.  I will bless you beyond the ages into myriad realms of creation, and even there – in a new time, and a new space, and a new reality, my love will be you.  I love you.   

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