MY GOD IS REAL: Day 1 Week 35 of the 2013 Meditation Challenge

Welcome to the 2013 Spiritmuv Meditation Challenge.

God 26

When I hear Krishna Das sing My God is Real, I center in the awareness that there is an energy, a force, a power, a presence, a wisdom, a love that forms, shapes, evolves and expresses as us.  We call this energy God.  Some may call God the I AM, or Love, or the Universe, or Divine Mind.  Regardless of what we call God – be is Krishna or Buddha or Allah or Ra or Jehovah or Kingdom within, we know that our God is real.  Listen to the everywhere, every time, everyone God breathing us as Spirit.  My God is real because God blesses me.  My God is real because God heals me.  My God is real because God delivers me.  My God is real because directs me. My God is real because God protects me.  My God is real because God recreates through my soul.

Close your eyes, and allow the realization that God is penetrating your heart, your mind and your third eye – right between your eyes at the center of your forehead.  And just meditate on what that means.  If your thoughts scatter, just gently remind them that your God is real – by knowing deep within My God is real; my God is real; my God is real.

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  1. Celestine Walker says:

    Yes, GOD is real!! Excellent song selections for this meditation. I must have both songs. My heart is full of joy just because my GOD is real!!!!

  2. cbloving says:

    Thank you my sister. Both move my heart as well. You can purchase them from i-Tunes. I will share more of Krishna Das in the future.

  3. Myrtle Ross says:

    God is so REAL IN MY SOUL a meditation that was just what I needed this morning.
    Your Dad and I meditated together, Our hearts are very peaceful.
    Love, Ma

  4. cbloving says:

    Thank you for your loving presence and support. My prayers were with you both as I meditated this morning.

    Much love and infinite blessings.

  5. Robbin says:

    MY God is really real, and I just can’t get enough of that song.

    1. cbloving says:

      I know the feeling, which is why I tried to share just enough to make the point and at the same time get folks to patronize the artists!

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